Thursday, 27 August 2009

Elton John, Saturday night's all right for partying

In this tough economy, what we all want is a distraction say, a guy wearing Coke-bottle glasses, platform shoes and a feather boa who sings Crocodile Rock.
On Saturday, Rus Anderson will be that guy during Rocket Man: The Elton John Experience.
During his solo show at My Place restaurant in Indian Rocks Beach, the 29 year old will play piano and sing four decades of EJ's hits, from Tiny Dancer and Pinball Wizard to Can You Feel the Love Tonight? and the 1997 remake of Candle in the Wind. He'll also dress the part with assorted costume changes, including the tuxedo John wore during a 1984 performance at London's Wembley Stadium, which Anderson bought on eBay for a few thousand dollars.
"If I had to do one thing to impersonate Elton John, it would be the gap between the teeth," said Anderson, of Clearwater. His wife, part time makeup artist Somali Rose, will help Anderson get into character.
Anderson and Rose came up with the idea for a public tribute show last winter. Anderson, a full-time musician, was already performing at several beach venues with an act that included a sprinkling of Elton John wraps. He had also been contracted to perform all-EJ sets at private parties and wedding receptions, so he knew there was demand for an Ellton Jhon music in Tampa Bay. His only other public Elton John show took place at My Place in May.
"My phone blows up twice a day at least with Elvis music calling me. Sinatra, guys like that," said Eric Larson, the restaurant's general manager. But Anderson's performance was a infrequent treat for his customers. "People that don't even like Elton John, like myself, frankly, pleasure the show."
According to Anderson, there's a reason why Elton John imusic are rare.
"The vocals are really hard," Anderson said. "I was lucky that I have same range as he does, and I love his music enough to be overenthusiastic about it."
Anderson's fandom started currently, when he was a toddler growing up in Glasgow, Scotland. The young sci-fi lover was drawn to John's space themed single Rocket Man and evenly became hooked on all the singer's albums.
Although Anderson has never been to a live EJ show he tried once, but it got canceled only a few degrees of break up come between him and the star. On Oct. 30, Anderson will headline a fundraiser for Orlando Lunch Around the World, a chapter of the Elton John AIDS Foundation, at the Orlando Science Center.
Anderson's dream is to meet the real Elton John in person. For now, though, he's concert to share the songman's music with Tampa Bay.
"I just think people deserve more around here. They need shows, and they wants some excitement," Anderson said. "It's tough times for America, and when something like this comes along, it gives people an escape for awhile. That's what my job is, and I get to have a good time doing it."

Monday, 24 August 2009

wedding performers is World's most expensive

The Rolling Stones charge five million ezra pounds to perform at weddings making them the world's most expensive wedding performers.
The ageing rockers - made up of frontman Sir Mick Jagger, guitarist Keith Richards, drummer Charlie Watts and guitarist Ronnie Wood - have been named the world's most expensive wedding act, ahead of Sir Elton John and Kylie Minogue who only demand two million pounds to play at nuptials.
In 2002 the Sympathy for the Devil hitmakers who refuse to accomplish private shows unless they are already on duty tour charged the enormous sum to play a 90-minute set at a lavish party in the US.
Candle in the Wind singer Elton scooped 1.5 million pounds in 2001 after singing along to his piano for a private bash.
However, the pop icon donates all earnings from private benefit to his charity, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, rather than pocket the huge sums.
In the poll - commissioned to celebrate Living TV's Four Weddings series, - US songstress Christina Aguilera was named the fourth priciest performer at 1.5 million pounds a show while British pop star George Michael bags 1.3 million pounds for a private concert.
Troubled Rehab starlet Amy Winehouse, Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney, X Factor winner Leona Lewis and US star Jennifer Lopez can each desire one million pound for a post nuptials performance.
The world's 12 most expensive wedding performers, according to Living TV: 1. The Rolling Stones (up to five million pounds) 2. Sir Elton John (up to two million pounds) = Kylie Minogue (up to two million pounds) 4. Christina Aguilera (up to 1.5 million pounds) 5. George Michael (1.3 million pounds) 6. Amy Winehouse (one million pound) = Sir Paul McCartney (one million pound) = Leona Lewis (one million pound) = Jennifer Lopez (one million pound) 10. Barry Manilow (750,000 pounds) 11. Rod Stewart (600,000 pounds) 12. Duran Duran (500,000 pounds)

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Stones Top Hire Chart Jumping Jack Cash

The Rolling Stones have been crowned the "most expensive wedding act in the world" at up to £5m for a booking.

The Stones trumped Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney, and Kylie Minogue in a poll to find out the entertainers that would cost the most to charter for your wedding.
But if million pound plus fees for superstars are out of your bridal estimate, the study discovered up and coming singers Lady Gaga and Katy Perry can be yours for around £60,000.
If you want something many rocking, wedding circuit favourites The Proclaimers will blast out I'm Gonna Be (500 miles) for £50,000.
At half the price X Factor runners up JLS can faint you and your loved ones for £25,000 - £975,000 less than fellow X Factor star turned worldwide sensation Leona Lewis.

Top Ten Budget Busting Wedding Crooners

1. The Rolling Stones up to £5m
2. Sir Elton John up to £2m
3. Kylie Minogue up to £2m
4. Christina Aguilera up to £1.5m
5. George Michael £1.3m
6. Amy Winehouse £1m
7. Sir Paul McCartney £1m
8. Leona Lewis £1m
9. Jennifer Lopez £1m
8. Barry Manilow £750,000

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Elton John the latest celeb to all hang out in St Tropez - see pic

Elton John has followed in the recent sandy footsteps of Jack Nicholson, Lily Allen and Kate Moss by being footaged at the summer celeb retreat St Tropez.
The star's partner David Furnish has been holidaying at the clannish French alternative since last month, but until now, Elt has been busy doing his shows in Las Vegas. However, Elt's now got a break before he shot off a Canadian tour next month so he jetted straight to the French Riviera.
And naturally, as soon as he got there, he hit the beach. Let's hope the sun didn't go down on him too soon...

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Elton John for tribute song, Alice in Chains

NEW YORK : Alice in Chains thought it would take a event to get Elton John to play on the band's tribute record to their late lead singer, Layne Staley. But it only took a hear to the song to get the rock inscription on board.

"He's a really warm person," said Alice in Chains cofounder Jerry Cantrell of John. "He got up and gave us a couple of hugs, and said, `Well Jerry, I just wanted to tell you that I think it's a beautiful song. ... I really archaeological the sentiment of what it's about and who it's for and I just have a good mind to tell you that I'm going to play on the song.'"

John plays piano on "Black Gives Way to Blue," a short but heartfelt poem to Staley, who died of a medicinal drug overdose in 2002. The song is the title track for their upcoming CD, the grunge rock band's first studio album in 14 years.

Cantrell, who wrote the tune, had already made a demo of the song when someone heard it and advised John as the perfect person to play the piano part. Although the band knew people connected to the 62 year old singer, they thought it was a long shot that he would even consider it.

Cantrell said that, "I didn't think that would happen. He's a pretty fussy dlighter doing his own thing,"
But they sent the song to him, and as chance would have it, both acts were ticket to record at a studio complex at the same time.

It wasn't until Alice in Chains left the studio for a break that they got word that John wanted to meet with them.

"We got a call from our studio manager saying that Elton wanted to talk to us," said Cantrell, laughing. "We jumped in the car, left our lunches on the table, and cruised back to the studio and promenade into the studio where he was recording."

After John confirmed he would play on the song, the band flew to Las Vegas, where John was performing, to finish the recording.
"One of the most nerve racking moments I had was a a metter of face making a suggestion to him. What do you say to Elton John?" he joked. "But he was really open to the process. ... He fit into the song, and he really brought something that was really necessary and took the song to another level."
The CD, set for release Sept 29, is Alice in Chains' first with singer-guitarist William DuVall, who attched the band which also includes drummer Sean Kinney and bassist Mike Inez, a few years ago. While DuVall has a different sound than Staley, Cantrell says the music is still Alice in Chains.
"It never gets too far out that you can't figure out who it is after a couple of notes, and that's always one of my main goals," he said. "To find that musical fingerprint I think is the goal of every band and musician, and we're very grateful that we found ours pretty early, and it's still intact, although evolved."

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


The promoter of the postponed Billy Joel & Elton John "Face 2 Face" concert at HSBC Arena announced today that negotiations are ongoing to reschedule the show, but refunds are available for those who don't want to wait.

elton john news

He has Elton John Rock the 63rd Annual Tony Awards. Copyright 2009 BryanBedder / Getty Images. ... Elton John Says Goodbye to Vegas... For Now. ...
More than 50 Top 40 hits, including seven consecutive No. 1 U.S. albums, 56 Top 40 singles, 16 Top 10, four No. 2 hits, and nine No. 1 hits. He has won five Grammy awards, an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award and a Tony Award. His success has had a profound impact on popular musicsome of the venues of which were new to John. The Red Piano Tour closed in Las Vegas in April 2009. He says, Face to Face concerts in 2009. The tour began in March and will continue for at least two more years.‎

Aug 3, 2009‎
ELTON JOHN dedicated "Tiny Dancer" to Reese Witherspoon Saturday night at Citizens Bank Park where he performed with Billy Joel. ...