Friday, 29 April 2011

Elton John on the Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding

Elton John is in London this morning (April 29) Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding after attending the royal wedding says.

Rocket man presented with his partner David attended the ceremony in Westminster Abbey as a happy couple in front of 1,900 guests pooling.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5Live on his way out of the venue, John said: "It's not the Oscars."

The singer, music and entertainment of guests invited The Spice Girls' Victoria Beckham who attended with husband David and the world including Chinese stone small number were from.

Actor Rowan Atkinson, sung film director Ritchie and Ben Fogle select a Royals TV presenting politicians, and dignitaries were with.

Ellie Goulding couple's wedding reception later today Elton John's hit 'Your Song' is rumored to be performing.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Elton John thinks King Of Leon are two "Glee"

Elton John thinks that King Of Leon are two "Glee" should use their music.

At the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Thursday John said, "There's a big debate going on about the 'Glee' thing at the moment. A lot of bands say they don't want their stuff on 'Glee.' It's like, 'Lighten up, you assholes'".

John is referring to KOL turning down "Glee's" request to sing "Use Somebody," Creator Ryan Murphy who led a Hollywood reporter blurt out the cover story, "F --- you, Kings of Leon."

Added John on "Late Night": "This is a compliment, also it sends a positive message out. What the hell is wrong with you guys? 'Oh, we don't want our music played.' Well, Kings of Leon, lighten up guys, c'mon… listen, when someone wants to do your song, it's a compliment."

John says that he still encouraged when any "American idol" this week as does his music, and it is.

"It's so great when people do your songs. I started off as a songwriter. Even now, when I get into an elevator and hear muzak... I feel really happy when it's one of my songs because it's a compliment when somebody records or does one of your songs. It doesn't matter if it's a bad version…. it's just a thrill."