Thursday, 28 October 2010

the X factor

Add Image"People think I've given up my life of work, but it's a lie," she told Mandrake at the launch of Ferry's latest album, Olympia, at Phillips de Pury & Company in Westminster. "I work really hard, for Topshop as a consultant and with Gucci and lots of fashion brands.

"I'm working to organise lots of events, this launch party being one of them."

"Can he really say artists like Leona Lewis, Will Young, Alexandra Burke and Cheryl Cole are not stars? They have sold millions of records worldwide and in territories where The X Factor isn't related to those sales."

ir Elton John's claims that television talent contests have failed to produce any real stars have upset Nicki Chapman, a friend of Simon Cowell, the creator of The X Factor.

"Who is he to decide and criticise what the public like?" she asked at the launch of Jerry Hall: My life in pictures, at The Club at The Ivy.

Sir Elton John lacks the X factor, claims Simon Cowell's friend Nicki Chapman

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