Thursday, 29 October 2009

Elton John concert cancelled due to ill

Elton John concert tomorrow night at the O2 in Dublin has been called off as the singer is too ill to perform.
Aiken Promotions says the 63 year old is suffering with flu and is piercingly disappointed about the cancellation.
The company says it is in talks to look if the gig can be rescheduled for December.
Ticket holders are being advised to retain their tickets and await further announcements.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Elton John concert will be made soon soon, A further announcement

ROCK fans left disappointed after Sir Elton John cancelled a gig are being told to keep their tickets.
On Saturday his gig at the Metro Arena, Newcastle, as well as one in Sheffield, was cancelled because he had flu.
His spokesman said: “Elton is bitterly disappointed at missing the Red Piano concert in Newcastle. It remains one of his favourite areas in the country to perform. The crowds are always great music fans, and not being able to do this particular show for Newcastle is upsetting.”
Concert promoter Marshall Arts said anyone with a ticket should keep it, with a further announcement due soon.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Sir Elton John, Lily Allen mocks

Lily Allen has mocked Sir Elton John in her new music video by featuring his look alike.
The track “Who'd Have Known”, shows her gazing at pics of the “Candle in the Wind” hitmaker, before he is kidnapped and forced to declare his love for her. The rift between the two had developed when they co-hosted the GQ Men Of The Year Awards in London last year, reports the Daily Star. John was miffed with Allen, after she reportedly drank champagne and took to the stage. The “Smile” hitmaker had responded to his resentment by saying "f**k off". Allen later decided to quit alcohol because she said she was 'upset and angry' with herself.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Concert Director Want To Be Elton John's?

Could you watch Elton John perform "Your Song" a hundred times in a row? Well now you have your chance!
Elton John will perform at Andy Roddick's children charity event in Austin Texas next month, and they are helping raise money with one of the most awesome auctions conceivable. Gets two nights the winning bidder stay at the Austin Hilton, two tickets to the Nov. 30 event with seats at the head table with Roddick and the aooprtunity to pick the songs for Elton John's set list. In fact, if he likes the song list, John might even join you and Roddick at the head table. The list if he doesn't like, you get to look his diva side. You decide which you want to see more!
The rich buster just a suggestion that wins this auction -- more "Saturday Night's Alright" and "I'm Still Standing" and less "Candle in the Wind" and "Theme from El Dorado," thank you very much.
Roddick's nonprofit charity foundation -- with the motto "Serving Children Today for Tomorrow" -- raises money for arranger that help children who suffered from abuse, serious illness and neglect such as Settlement Home, Habitat for Humanity, Tiger Fund, Deliver the Dream, A Glimmer of Hope, Kids In Distress, A Safe Haven for Newborns, the Elton John AIDS Foundation and others.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Tribute To Boyzone's Stephen Gately Sir Elton John pays

Sir Elton John and influential music journalist Paul Gambaccini are amongst the the names who have paid their respects to Boyzone singer Stephen Gately.
Pop star died in 33 year old while on holiday in Majorca with his long term partner Andy Cowles yesterday.
Paying tribute, Sir Elton John said: "David (Furnish) and I are stunned by this tragedy. Stephen was the kindest, gentlest soul. We send our love and condolences to his partner Andy and to all his friends everywhere."
Paul Gambaccini said: "He's a performer with the word 'boy' in his professional title and boys aren't supposed to die.
"This is way too soon and way too unspecific for us to feel that this is at all the right thing to happen. This is a very sad thing on a personal level and a professional level.”
Boyzone manager Louis Walsh, who is due to appear on X Factor this evening, said: “I'm in complete shock. I was only with him on Monday at an awards ceremony. We don't know much about what's happened yet.
"I only heard after The X Factor and we will rally around each other this week. He was a great man."
Meanwhile, on Twitter Stephen Fry wrote: "Just heard the very sad news about dear Stephen Gately. What a dreadful shock. He was loveable and sweet-natured and will be hugely missed."
The cause of Gately's death is not yet known.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Elton John will never get Ukrainian child

The mother of the Ukrainian child Sir Elton John wants to adopt has vowed to never give him up.The HIV positive woman known only as Marina has revealed , 15 month old Lev she will never give over to the pop superstar and his husband David Furnish because she wants to get her life together and raise him herself. The 25 year old who never relinquished her parental rights said: "I will not give my baby to Elton John for any money."Elton, 62, spoke out last month of his plans to adopt the toddler who "stole his heart" when he met him at an orphanage in Makeyevka. However, Marina who had her two children taken from her by social services because of her problems with alcohol is determined to look after the little boy on her own. She told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "I understand Elton's feelings. Lev is a very sunny and cheerful boy. It's impossible not to love him."But I'm going to overcome my problems. I so much want my babies back."Under Ukrainian law, adoptive parents must be no more than 45 years older than an adopted child Elton is more than 60 years older than Lev.Same sex couples are also forbidden from adopting because homosexual marriages are not recognised in the Eastern European country.

Sunday, 4 October 2009


SIR ELTON JOHN is continuing his search for an orphan to adopt with his partner DAVID FURNISH.The Rocket Man singer, who wed Furnish in a civil partnership in 2005, was devastated after his dreams of playing parent to Lev, a toddler he met in a Ukrainian orphanage, were dashed by a local law forbidding gay couples from adopting. Film producer Furnish reveals the pair has since considered taking in a boy from Africa. He tells Britain's Sunday Telegraph, "We were in Africa for the (Sir Elton John) Aids Foundation and met a boy, and instantlythought about adopting him." But the pair decided they would have to look elsewhere after learning the tot was still connected to members of his family. Furnish adds, "When we found out he had a maternal grandmother, and brother and sister, we realised it wouldn't be the right thing to take him away from the family he had there. We would love to adopt Lev, but that does not seem possible under Ukrainian rules."

Friday, 2 October 2009

'Black Gives Way to Blue' collaboration Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell and Elton John

The poignant “Black Gives Way to Blue”—which serves as the title track on the new Alice In Chains album contains a guest appearance on the piano by none other than Elton John. We asked AIC guitarist/vocalist Jerry Cantrell and Sir Elton to talk about how they joined forces on this tribute song for the band’s late singer, Layne Staley.
JERRY CANTRELL: “We were toward the end of recording the record, and I had demoed that particular song two different ways with a piano track and without a piano track. It’s a actually powerful and important song on the record, obviously. We decided to try it (with) a piano track, so we were trying to figure out who was going to play on it. And Baldy, a good friend of the band who had worked with Elton John before, was like, “Why don’t you call Elton?” And we laughed about that for a minute. I was like, “Yeah, right! I’m sure he’s plenty of other things to do than to come play on our song.” And he was like, “You never know unless you ask.” And I thought about that and I was like, ‘He’s absolutely right.’ Elton is a very important musical influence to all of us in varying degrees, and especially to me. My first album was Elton John’s Greatest Hits. And actually, we were reminded by Layne’s stepfather that Elton was his first concert, so it was all really appropriate. So I wrote (Elton) an e-mail and explained what his music meant to us, and that this song was for Layne. We sent him a demo, and he said it was beautiful and he’d love to play on it. In the studio he was actually relaxed and gracious, and he’s got a nice sense of humor. We were just trying to be cool: ‘Oh, yeah, no big deal.’ But we were excited. (Drummer Sean Kinney) and I had to walk out a couple of times to smoke cigarettes, like, ‘Holy s, this is killer.’ It’s one of those highlights you can’t expect in life, and you’re lucky to get them once in a while. And that is one.”
ELTON JOHN: “I was kind of surprised that Alice in Chains would ask me to do anything. I never thought I’d play on an Alice in Chains record. When I heard the song I actually wanted to do it. I liked the fact that it was so beautiful and very simple. They had a nice thinking of what they wanted me to do on it and it turned out great.”